The Sound Of Brainwaves

The Sound Of Brainwaves
Arts & Culture

An exhibition explores the materiality and actions of measuring the brain.

Lisa Baldini
  • 19 august 2010

Going as far back as DaVinci and the Renaissance, if not earlier, science and art have mingled to create new bodies of work, which is precisely what we see in the new exhibition Brainwaves, an exhibition that uses the act of measuring brain activity — it’s associated sounds, machinery and logic–as source material for artistic exploration. Deemed largely as an exploration into sound, art and science, the works tackle the internal structures of the brains as much as the materials that measure it.

In designer Matthias Gmachl’s, we see response to human presence (through sound) trigger data-visualization of brain activity. Mira Calix and Ann Meredith have created corresponding sound works that mine the measurement tools and the action of emitting/measuring these waves.

However, to see art mining science for material is nothing new, what will most likely be interesting is the series of talks scheduled between musicians and scientists. It will be interesting to see if the practical research done by the artists will place any scientific theories into conflict and vice versa.

Sonumbra @ Design and the Elastic Mind from Loop.pH on Vimeo.

[via: Wired]

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