A Creative Director implores the industry to re-think traditional process fundamentals

Fed up with tossing aside an excessive number of ideas as creative byproducts, Saatchi and Saatchi’s James Cooper thinks that the creative industry should start taking cues from other processes and products of late that are rethinking their sustainability levels. He suggests that the traditional agency approach, fueled by collaboration and an eagerness to please the client, should be swapped for a cleaner process that values careful deliberation on the front end.

His streamlined ‘zero-waste-creativity’ rests on the need for a crystal clear brief. More work at the beginning equals less confusion and frustration at the end of the process. Then, the focus should shift from quantity to quality, with the idea being to deliver a (yes, one) creative solution that is legitimate and viable—bulletproof. Once this is done, the review process can be handled in one round and the ultimate product agreed to without much headache. A win-win all around. The increased efficiency makes clients and creatives happier, creating an increase in another byproduct—cashflow.

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