Using The Nintendo Wii For Medical Tests

Using The Nintendo Wii For Medical Tests

The gaming system makes checking for concussions a little easier.

Michael Brooks
  • 20 august 2010

Athletic trainers at the University of Maryland and Ohio State University are using Wii systems as a supplemental method to help detect concussions in student athletes. Switched reports:

To begin, athletes perform a baseline balance test, which involves either standing on the Wii’s balance board and mimicking onscreen yoga poses, or shifting their weight to make marbles roll into an onscreen hole. They then receive a score based on their performance. If an athlete suffers head trauma, he’s asked to perform the tests again. Doctors and trainers can then compare the second results with the baseline score to see if any balance has been lost — a telltale sign of a concussion.

Other such user friendly means of medical testing are highlighted in our  report on The Future of Health.

Switched: “Wii Fit Used to Diagnose Concussions in Football Players”

Image by Reinis Traidas

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