A film offers insight into tensions between gamers and social and political codes in China.

In China, it appears the Internet's wild west possibilities have often been tamed by the goverment's mediation. While people look to ways to getting around it, the Chinese World of Warcraft gaming community has made a special film, War of Intenet Addiction, that utilizes machinima as a narrative that addresses much of the plight of these users.

We Make Money Not Art reports:

The main frustration of mainland Chinese WoW players is that the access to the game has been limited and interrupted for months because of a conflict between two government regulatory bodies. The video also denounces battles and issues that took place in China over the previous 15 months or so: electroshock therapy for purported internet addiction (the Health Ministry has mercifully asked for the treatment to stop); the government's attempts to enforce installations on all new pc sold in mainland China of the Green Dam Youth Escort filter; the competition between the county's primary game servers over licensing renewal rights, etc.

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