(Video) Tristan Hohne’s Motion Book

(Video) Tristan Hohne’s Motion Book

A designer's visualization of a storybook that lets a reader peek inside the imaginations of its characters.

Naresh Kumar
  • 27 august 2010

German designer Tristan Hohne has created an interactive concept called Hirngespinster in which he visualizes a special book that lets a user interact with the imaginations of the story’s characters.

As he explains the project:

Asking myself how to get into someones head visually, without loosing the connection to the real life, I finally came up with an interactive concept which transfers the real event into a book, and let the fantasy grow out of it animated.

Hirngespinster are the creators of fantasy. Spinning their webs in an everybodys head. Illustrated characters in this book, which display reality, suffer or profit from different imaginations. Whenever Hirngespinster are seen on the page, the viewer can interact by catching them. Once caught, an animation lets you get an inside look from the affected point of view.

Watch the video below:

Hirngespinster from Tristan Hohne on Vimeo.

Tristan Hohne

Behance Network: “Hirngespinster – Motion Book”


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