Visual Showcase Blends Cinema & Architecture

Visual Showcase Blends Cinema & Architecture
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"The Past Meets the Future" is a powerful animated experience that condenses China's long history, using a multitude of visual media.

Plus Aziz
  • 6 august 2010

Yan Yu Chun Qiu Water Show, titled “The Past Meets the Future”, is a unique 45 minute visual experience created by Director Han Lixun and Spinifex Group. It illustrates a historical Chinese narrative on Spring/Autumn in a unique way, utilizing cinematic techniques, cutting edge performance technology, motion design, and architectural facades.

“The content begins on the 250-meter-wide wall of the museum, then appears on a unique 100-meter-wide retractable scrim array… The content is choreographed to a wide variety of state-of-the-art show effects, including fireworks, water screens, laser and fog machines, and surround sound.”

The show will be taking place in Yan City, based in Chun Zhu province, as part of a massive recreational theme park that will host a slew of exertions to bring the mythology of Yan City to life. The project’s directors insist that this is an extension of Han Lixun’s work in the Beijing Olympics, in which China’s history was dramatized by using a complex array of visualization techniques.

View a 3 minute version of the animation below:

Yan City: The Past Meets the Future from Spinifex Group on Vimeo.

Spinifex Group

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