10 Folding Bikes From Around The World

10 Folding Bikes From Around The World

A collection of remarkable designs from practical to conceptual.

Jeremy D. Williams
  • 22 september 2010


Ville is where utility meets good design for the folding bicycle. According to the designer, Hyuk-Jae Chang, “Ville answers the need of users who desire environmentally friendly transportation, but have been discouraged due to the limitations of normal bicycle designs.” Ville won the Bronze Prize at the 2010 IDEA Design Awards.

Barcelona Citizen Bike


The Barcelona Citizen Bike is a match-up between elegant design and elite technology. This distinctive folding bicycle will surely leave all eyes on you as you cruise through your city.

JetStream P8


The Dahon JetStream P8 can be taken on those weekend long tours or when you are just jetting through the city in rush hour; the elevated seat lets you ride above it all in comfort.

Birdy City

Birdy City

The Birdy City is ideal for any town experience and it’s lightweight frame allows for easy mobility.

The Suitcase Bike


The Suitcase Bike is a folding bicycle designed for public transportation, when folded, all of its components are hidden for convenient towing; you can even dolly it along on its exposed front wheel.



‘One’ is light, stylish and uniquely designed folding bicycle by Thomas Owen. The bike is equipped with a power assist system that allows the user to pedal with ease and a case that can be stored with no trouble.

A-bike City


The A-bike City claims to be the iPod of bicycles with a lighter and compact design than most folding bikes. The inventor, Sir Clive Sinclair specializes in designing small objects. The bike was crafted for short journeys as it folds into a bag within seconds.

Full Circle


Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-Tae Park ‘Full Circle‘ folding bike has been shortlisted for the 2010 Seoul Cycle Design Competition. Their circular collapsible small bike with big wheels has a free wheel gear instead of a chain connected to its pedals. Most of the bikes parts can be folded quickly including the saddle and handle bars according to the Seoul based designers.

IF Mode


IF Mode produced by Pacific Cycles, is a clean and simple approach to the folding bicycle. The maintenance free 2 speed drive system folds in about 20 seconds.



Kevin Scott, 21, has designed a folding bicycle that can be locked-up safely using the bike’s frame. Bendy uses a ratchet system which allows the frame to bend. Scott is runner-up for the 2010 UK Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award and plans to use his award money to continue development of Bendy.

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