3 Great Kickstarter Projects To Back

3 Great Kickstarter Projects To Back

PSFK suggests you support Rob Walker's Hypothetical Buildings, Adam Liebsohn's voyurl and Zack Lieberman's EyeWriter projects.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 27 september 2010

Each day, the folks behind thousands of social and creative projects seek injections of cash through the fund-raising Kickstarter system. A diverse bunch of innovators – from film directors to community-kitchen leaders -ask the broad web community to donate to their cause.

Three projects that PSFK noted (and invested in) recently include:

Rob Walker’s Hypotheical Buildings

Culture journalist and author Rob Walker is looking to raise $3,900 for Signage Depicting Imaginary Building Uses In New Orleans – a project where he hopes to wrap abandoned buildings in canvas to suggest what could happen with creative renewal.

Adam Liebsohn’s Personal Data Tracker

Digital innovator Adam Liebsohn has created voyurl – a system that gives you visibility over the data you create when you use the web. He’s looking to raise $10,000 with his project “Take Back Your Data with voyURL

Zach Lieberman’s Eyewriter

New media pioneer Zach Lieberman is seeking at least $15,000 to raise the money a paralyzed artist needs to create a new collection of original artwork and merchandise using the EyeWriter 2.0 software, robotic technology, traditional print-making techniques. Even though the project has reached its funding needs, Lieberman could use your donations to support the work they do.

Both Rob Walker and Zach Lieberman spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2010. You can watch their videos here and here respectively.

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