A Mind-Controlled Musical Instrument

A Mind-Controlled Musical Instrument
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Using a hacked Mattel MindFlex toy, Robert Schneider, frontman of the indie rock band The Apples in Stereo has created a brainwave-directed synthesizer.

Naresh Kumar
  • 7 september 2010

Robert Schneider, frontman of the indie rock band  Apples in Stereo, has modded an EEG sensor-based Mattel MindFlex toy to make a device that plays an analog synth entirely through a user’s brain activity. The Teletron, as he calls it, is a DIY gadget (Schneider has uploaded a ‘how to make your own Teletron at home’ video on the web) that plays on a high or low pitch depending upon the intensity of the user’s thoughts.

Here’s a video of Schneider demonstrating how to use the Teletron:

Apples in Stereo

[via Technabob]

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