Agent’s Futuristic OLED Concepts

Agent’s Futuristic OLED Concepts

The design studio uses the lighting technology to create practical designs for safety, wayfinding and fashion.

Naresh Kumar
  • 13 september 2010

Mexican design studio Agent and Konica Minolta teamed up to create two extraordinary lighting applications using OLED technology.

Strip Light mixes a public bench with street lighting and is equipped with timetables and neighborhood maps that are illuminated at night.

Design Applications Using OLED Lighting 2

Here’s more about it from the designers themselves:

Strip Light began as an idea to fuse public seating with street lighting; stretched out, flexible oled lighting panels bent at various levels to form benches of light, serving as public seating or display surfaces, and this evolved into a bus stop with illuminated timetables and neighborhood maps that are clearly visible even at night.

Forget maps at each junction, tap a marker and follow the strip of light to your destination. Beyond the bus stop, the strips of light extend along the roadside creating a dynamic system that illuminates the city streets, as needed, day or night.

The other project that came out of Agent’s collaboration with Konica Minolta is the Wearable Band of Light, a fusion of jewelry and wearable light that also contains a safety element in it.

Design Applications Using OLED Lighting 3

Cool, wrap-on accessories that glow with light and can be worn around your body, matching your personality. The bands are lightweight, bendable, slim, and cool, and can be curved any way you like, they can be as thin as a piece of paper or cloth. Patterns of light can be arranged in countless variations to decorate and create any desired mood. they bands can be combined with other pieces of jewelry and can also display text and graphics. when people wear the bands they can be easily spotted by drivers at night, this gives the product an extra quality of ‘functional jewelry’.


[via Design Boom]

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