Designer Steffen Fiedler explores our relationship with the smart devices of the future.

Will devices of the future be able to guess what their users are doing at that moment? London-based designer Steffen Fiedler's Instruments of Politeness explores our relationship with the context-aware gadgets of the future that would be able to predict our current activity via in-built sensors and probably make us more honest while talking to someone on the phone.

Fiedler adds:

Right now we are able to lie about our current context while talking to another person on the phone. The only transmitted information is verbal content which is produced by our voice and bits of background noise. According to that the dialogue partner has to trust the person who is offering information. Small everyday lies help us to care for our relations to other people. We look after them by not offering the whole truth, all available informations. Trends show at the moment a forthrightness in social networks. People are offering private details about their life, mostly to create an interesting personality in the virtual world. What if the guessed context also becomes a part of this dense set of personal information? What if the dialogue partner is able to access our context behavior, how would we be polite?

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