A mobile application is being used to improve communication between individuals and crisis management teams during an emergency.

Civiguard is a mobile application working to assist governments and individuals in times of crisis. The Civiguard team began by looking into the challenges of existing crisis management solutions, noting that to date there has been innovation in the way individuals can be updated through social media streams and push notifications – but these methods of distributing information can be only one-sided in the case of notifications, and panic inducing or misinformative in the case of Twitter conversations. Focused on simplicity for better use during times of heightened urgency, the Civiguard platform is integrated with a local government’s crisis management system to give individuals a way to communicate with authorities and rescue teams. Civiguard works with local governments to arrange integration with communication networks, such that when individuals need to be directed to safe zones, each individual’s location-aware phone receives a tailored message on how to get to safety.

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