A Pentax model available in Japan allows users to customize their camera's appearance with Nanoblocks.

They're not exactly LEGOs – they're Nanoblocks, made by DiaBlock for the Japanese toy market, actually – but the faceplate associated with the new Pentax Optio NB1000 compact allows you to customize the camera's face by adding blocks to your liking. Technically speaking, the camera is no joke – it is a 14-megapixel model with 4x optical zoom, and HD video recording functionality. It's currently only available in Japan.

Customization is becoming more ubiquitous – even at a large-scale market approach. While the available faceplates are limited to about 4, this is definitely one way of offering customers a palate of options from which they can further customize themselves (with individual blocks) – while still operating within the realities of mass manufacturing parameters and efficiencies.

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