Dazed & Confused’s Digital Relaunch

Dazed & Confused’s Digital Relaunch

One of the world's biggest fashion publications have recently revamped their online presence.

Jayga Rayn
  • 15 september 2010

Dazed and Confused, founded by Jefferson Hack and photographer Rankin, has already built up a large, diverse following amongst a loyal international group of the culturally inclined.

With their new site, which went live on the seventh of September, after a period of hiatus with nothing but a countdown visible, they’ve cemented their position as one of the most advanced and forward thinking British publications.

The launch, which presented a splash screen and a simultaneous user counter, explaining that the new site would be revealed when the counter reached 10,000 was a clever way of pushing people to the site’s launch.

Those that were there from the beginning faced a 20 minute wait, whether that builds frustration or anticipation is up to debate.


A comprehensive navigation bar as the header gives access to different categories, promoted content, Facebook and Twitter buttons as well as the most viewed and newest articles. This can also be brought up at any time by clicking the ‘show navigation’ bar, which is fixed to the top of the screen; the bottom is occupied by smaller Twitter, Facebook and mailing list icons.

The pieces below, crafted in HTML5 (a first for a British magazine), is a mosaic of text and pictures. Dazed’s content is of a high calibre and the infinite scrolling coupled with an image optimisation engine ensures the presentation is complimentary.


The layout allows for neat integration of other elements, such as the newsletter subscription bar and adverts. With the aesthetic being so refined, Dazed could be making increased online revenue, which can only serve to further their, thus far, unparalleled approach.

Dazed have handled social media with aplomb, over 140,000 followers on Twitter and over 3million page impressions per month. With AnOther and AnOther Man under the same ownership, it will be interesting to see their future online strategy as well as, of course, Dazed’s competitors – such as i-D.

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