Design Solutions For Refugee Camps

Design Solutions For Refugee Camps
Design & Architecture

Justin Kim conceives a modular, open source inspired, approach to the problems facing displaced people.

Stephen Fortune
  • 28 september 2010

Justin Kim’s Tipping Point project is a design led collaboration with UNICEF which seeks to refashion aid packaging into useful resources and solutions to some of the problems which accompany refugee camps.

Those solutions include; investigating the modular potential of tarpaulin, cardboard and cling wrap as temporary shelter for ‘spontaneous arrival’ refugees during waiting times before UN shelter is provided, the possibility of embedding crop (and malaria alleviating herb) seeds into cardboard aid cartons, and finding the means to address the environmental fall out of UNICEF aid packaging waste with DIY cling wrap cricket balls.

Justin Kim’s Tipping Point

Also see the Future of Health report we produced for UNICEF.

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