An e-learning expert on why too many online tools work contrary for a learner.

Author and E-learning expert Jane Bozarth explores the overload of tools in websites and in online learning and social platforms, which often don't add any value but rather overwhelm the learner. She says that just as too much content by writers can bury the reader, so too fancy tools such as pop ups, heavy videos and other widgets added by designers can distract the audience and defeat the purpose of trying to teach them.

The problem has taken a 21st century turn now, with the advent of social media tools. I teach a multipart online “Social Media for Trainers” course and I ask participants how they’ll apply the information. It’s not unusual to get answers like, “Well, we’ll have a course wiki, but I’ll also host a twitter chat for quick real-time interaction, and then maybe each person can set up her own blog for reflective writing … and I can import YouTube into the wiki, right? …” Worse, people are now trying to bolt too many of these tools onto an existing overloaded asynchronous e Learning course.

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