DJ Spooky Samples Melting Glacial Landscapes

DJ Spooky Samples Melting Glacial Landscapes
Arts & Culture

The experimental musician creates acoustic portraits in motion.

Lisa Baldini
  • 30 september 2010

DJ culture often treats musical composition like a collage of aural impressions. Temporal clicks and beats make up a kind of ecology of sound. In light of this process, DJ Spooky is looking to mine the patterns of glacial retreat to display and exemplify this interconnected network:

The sound pieces I’m composing for the Arctic Rhythms: Ice Music project are essentially acoustic portraits in motion. They’re focused on pattern recognition in flux: The carbon pollution we’re pumping into the atmosphere is no geologic anomaly—the whole climate change scenario is loosely resonant with the way we produce this particular material, but everything in this world is connected, so one thing affects another.

DJ Spooky

[Via: TreeHugger]

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