Cinco's new project contemplates the meaning of an ever-evolving state of time.

Cinco, a creative studio based in Argentina, has conceptualized a new project called “Futuro” that explores the constantly evolving state of the future. The project used a humanoid as its central character by dressing him up with illuminated pipes and cables and walking him on the streets of Buenos Aires.

More about the project can be found at Yatzer:

The “Futuro” project explores the meaning of the word, future, as an idea that the word is constantly evolving therefore never captured and maintained.  This transitional state creates a bizarre world of outdated products that often do not get reused. […] As any object gets older from its inception, Cinco believes that there is an interesting narrative between the object and the user. The project utilizes fluorescent pipes and Cinco transforms them into typography. The sizes and shapes of the product become the elements that formulate the typographic characters. The “Futuro” project shows the short life span of the word “future”, but also shows the creativity in order to create the “future” feeling with all that outdates daily.

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