An organization operating in Hawaii has built a functioning system for harvesting power from the ocean.

Though tidal power has been a potential energy source humans have attempted to harvest since at least 1890, modern technology has failed to sustainably harness workable wave farms on the same scale as other reliable sources such as wind-based energy. Presently, Ocean Power Technologies has been able to use an alternative method of generating energy from the rising and falling of waves, which is functionally powering a Marine Corps base in Hawaii. Inhabitat describes below:

Unlike many tidal power devices, the PowerBuoy generates energy from the rising and falling of the waves. A 10 MW PowerBuoy station occupies 12.5 hectares of ocean. The Hawaii-based PowerBuoy was first deployed three-quarters of a mile off the Oahu coast in December 2009. With the new Marine Corps hookup, OPT hopes to prove that the PowerBuoy can produce utility-grade renewable energy. Read more:  | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

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