Imagining Connected Devices, Homes, And Automobiles Of The Future

Imagining Connected Devices, Homes, And Automobiles Of The Future

A series of videos by Freescale Semiconductor and the Zoticus design studio offer a compelling vision of upcoming technology.

Kyle Studstill
  • 7 september 2010

Working with the Texas-based computer component manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor, the Zoticus design studio has put together a series of short videos describing how they picture developing technologies impacting electronics of the future. These video clips describe future-foward scenarios of how intelligent devices with access to passively-collected data might communicate with each other.

The first video demonstrates how devices aware of other screens nearby can be connected to easily transfer information through natural gesture commands. This vision focuses on touch as a primary interface for interacting with an individual’s all-in-one device, making interactions more intuitive when communicating with frequently contacted friends:

Freescale – Consumer from Zoticus Design on Vimeo.

The below video imagines how reactive and intelligent technologies might power seamlessly connected automobiles. Many of the technologies pictured in this scenario rely on image and physical recognition systems to power safety and convenience features:

Freescale – Automotive from Zoticus Design on Vimeo.

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