iPad Patent Reveals New Design

iPad Patent Reveals New Design

As new blueprints filed in China reveal, Apple may be adding some of its most-desired and functional features.

Daniel Edmundson
  • 27 september 2010

Apple’s iPad device, the highest selling tablet computer in history, may soon be receiving a number a changes and improvements to its first generation design.

According to Patently Apple, new patent fillings in China have pointed to potential additions such as landscape viewing and docking capabilities:

“One change is the ability to plug an iPad into a dock in horizontal mode rather than just vertical. The designs show an extra 30-pin connector on the horizontal bezel of the iPad. The second picture shows how the extra dock port could be useful; you can turn the iPad sideways and plug it into a keyboard so that you can type and view the screen in horizontal mode.”

new ipad patent reveals new design

Another, the possibility of a front facing camera is also shown:

“It’s also not clear if Apple is including a FaceTime video phone camera in the device. There is a spot for such a camera in some of the filings, but some argue that this may simply be the iPad’s light sensor. But Patently Apple believes that the design show is in fact an iPad with a camera.”

new ipad patent reveals new design

Although such designs are subject to change, and there is no confirmation from Apple on them, Patently Apple points out that most of the company’s new designs are created by a core team responsible for its most innovative devices–whom are all listed on the filed patent.

Patently Apple

[via Mobile Beat]

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