Jets/Giants New Retail Store Can Transform To Support Each Team

Jets/Giants New Retail Store Can Transform To Support Each Team
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Lighting technology allows the retail space to preform a quick change depending on which home team is playing.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 21 september 2010

The new Meadowlands Stadium which is home for both the NY Jets and the Giants presented a unique challenge when it came to designing a retail store to sell team merchandise. The brief was to provide fans with a shopping experience dedicated to the team playing their respective home game. In essence the store needed to have the ability to transform in a number of ways in a short amount of time.

The Flagship Store Powered by Reebok opened last month right on time for the preseason kickoffs.  Ohio based retail experience design firm Chute Gerdeman devised a solution that relies on the latest dynamic lighting technology, digital signage and projection, as well as interactive media that allows the store to be transformed almost overnight. LED lighting was integrated into the interior architecture that can easily change the color of the space to match the team playing. A 15- by 8-foot interactive digital projection either the Jets or Giants field in the center of the store allows fans to play a pickup game of touch football.

The nearly 10,000-square-foot store also has adaptable floor and wall fixtures that make the process of merchandise changeover easier. Perimeter revolving display panels can pivot to show either Jets or Giants apparel. Many of the store fixtures also have storage built into them reducing the need for store associates to make repeated trips to the stockroom during a team reset.

A series of architectural and graphic stripes were used as interior design elements to create visual drama in the space. These were both inspired by the use of powerful lines by the stadium architects and by the emotional highs and lows of a typical football game.

On non-game days, the store can be split 50/50 to represent each of the two teams.

[photos courtesy Chute Gerdeman]


Store Exterior.



Center of the store with interactive field projection.




Lombardi trophy replica display has panels that flip to reveal each teams logo merchandise.





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