Next: The Social Media Restaurant

Next: The Social Media Restaurant

Nick Kokanas seems to be exploring the future of dining with the forthcoming launch of his restaurant.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 30 september 2010

Nick Kokanas seems to be exploring the future of dining with the forthcoming launch of his restaurant Next. Wondering why he employed three people at his restaurant Alinea “just to say they were full“, Kokanas has realized that computer systems can help independent and small-chain restaurants cost effectively by offering customers better pricing at low periods, all-inclusive annual passes and a simple-to-use web based booking system.

The website reads:

Instead of reservations our bookings will be made more like a theater or a sporting event. Your tickets will be fully inclusive of all charges, including service. Ticket price will depend on which seating you buy – Saturday at 8 PM will be more expensive than Wednesday at 9:30 PM. This will allow us to offer an amazing experience at a very reasonable price. We will also offer an annual subscription to all four menus at a discount with preferred seating.

Two walk-in tables will be available every evening.

The tickets will be available via our website, and we are building the reservation system from scratch to ensure the best customer experience. It will be simple to use, efficient, and familiar to anyone who has booked a show or travel online.

As for the food, Kokanas and chef Grant Achatz will also keep diners hungry for more with a quarterly shift in cuisine (.e.g Sicily in the ’40s, or the Edo Period in Tokyo). The team created this teaser video to give future diners a taste of what’s to come:

The restaurant will be accompanied by a bar called the Aviary. But the owners promise no bar or barstaff. Instead, drinks will be ordered in the kitchen.

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