Nike’s Levitating Sneakers

Nike’s Levitating Sneakers

Air Max shoes levitated and raced in Buenos Aires - propelled by users' breath.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 13 september 2010

To launch the Nike Air Max in Argentina, the brand worked with Castro Innovation to embody the benefits of the shoe – air built into the sneaker’s sole – while operating at the intersection of advergaming and point-of-sale, online and offline. What resulted is an installation that allowed users to levitate and race the sneakers using their breath. Nike Air Max shoes actually floated 1.6 inches over the surface of a magnetic platform, while a mechanism received a command from the web that would make the shows move forward based on the strength of users’ breath being blown to a microphone. Users could interact with the installation and race either at the Nike store in Buenos Aires, or via a dedicated site at

The Nike Air Show installation exemplifies how the benefits of product technology can be creatively embodied and simplified so that consumers can better visualize and understand how it will benefit them. Not to mention how creative technology, and the internet of things, will continue to find application for brands and their marketing activations.

[Via Creative Social Blog]

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