Food trucks flourishing on Boston streets raises the potential for mobile eateries in an evolving urban retail-scape.

As the appreciating cost of city living signals a shift from urban living functioning from productivity and efficiency through density more towards the simple enjoyment of city amenities, sidewalk ventures are quickly adjusting to provide and serve passing-by pedestrian consumers.

Unlike the highways and large real estate of suburban areas, city dwellers are increasingly reaping the benefits of the pedestrian-scape, architected much more closely to the human scale.  Mobile restaurants, or food trucks, are sprouting in more locations and are becoming an increasingly popular destination for culinary aficionados.  Food trucks in coveted parking spots add more competition to stationary eateries fixated to leases and concrete.  The growing demand for food trucks are prompting comments for city officials in Boston to open up and consider more liberal regulations regarding food truck licensing and fees.

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