Paying For IQ, Creativity And Energy

Paying For IQ, Creativity And Energy

Noted tech expert Rich Karlgaard on a potentially lucrative growth industry.

Naresh Kumar
  • 9 september 2010

Forbes columnist Rich Karlgaard predicts that the next big thing in business (a potential trillion dollar industry) will be to help people become smarter. Whether it’s tools like smartphones or body performance enhancing drugs or even chip implants, people crave to become smarter and faster than their compatriots, especially in the current recession.

Karlgaard says:

It is dawning on people, in this age of the Scary Smart, that the best — really, only — way to play the economic game successfully today is with high IQ, creativity and energy. We therefore will pay for more IQ, creativity and energy. This is why energy drinks and smart phones have been two hot categories in a cold economy.

But we’ve only seen the beginning. The Scary Smart business will start to command larger portions of GDP.

Today, everyone’s job and career is on the line. In a global economy that:

1. Increasingly favors the Scary Smart

2. Ruthlessly culls winners and losers

… Workplace intelligence becomes the next trillion dollar industry.

Smart phones. Smart data. Smart content. Smart drugs.

Forbes: “The Trillion Dollar IQ Business”

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