(Pic) Chair Meets Bathtub

(Pic) Chair Meets Bathtub
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Thomas Linssen explores the evolution of the Bathtub through chair design.

Plus Aziz
  • 24 september 2010

Amsterdam’s Studio Thol finds a new way of using the bathtub by integrating its design with a chair. In his own words, designer Thomas Linssen details the larger idea behind his design:

“Because a bathtub is something you sit in or on, it seems logical for me to make a bathtub from the thought of a sitting object […] I have chosen a chair as a starting point. This chair is the product that already exists and comes into a new living environment “the bathroom”. I have used the appearance of a chair and the requirements of a bathtub to make this evolution.”

Studio Thol

Core77: “Thomas Linssen on a bathtub as furniture”

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