(Pics) MADLAB’s Petri Dish Chandelier

(Pics) MADLAB’s Petri Dish Chandelier
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The Bacterioptica project represents the evolving form of living organisms using fiber optics and science equipment.

Dan Gould
  • 21 september 2010

The MADLAB Architecture group has created a unique lighting fixture that uses a swarm of fiber optic cables and petri dishes to represent the evolving form of living organisms and groups. Bacterioptica received an honorable mention at the I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review 2010.

MADLAB describe the project:

Bacterioptica breaks from design norms, a light fixture outfitted with petri dishes. Designed to be adaptive, not only in its form and mechanics, but more importantly, in the way it evolves.  Bacterioptica is not your typical chandelier, just as no family is a typical unit of interactions. Its on/off switch does not control it. Bacterioptica is alive. It grows. It is itself a household organism. It is living and breathing the same air and bacteria we are.


[via Switched]

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