Designer Tine De Ruysser replaces the gold in jewelry with banknotes.

Designer Tine De Ruysser's “Banknote Jewellery” is just that-a jewelry collection made from currency notes. Tine took the currency of several nations and used them as replacements for gold. Incredibly, none of the notes were damaged during making the ornaments and can be unfolded and used as currency.

Tine says:

The whole gold-money concept seems to be given some extra depth in the light of the current economic crisis.  Banks have gone bankrupt because they were dealing in virtual money that had little to do with gold values backing it up, or even with the amount of paper money in circulation at the time.  They are not to be trusted by savers or lenders.  Why not go back to traditional values, and wear your wealth on your body so you don’t lose it?  With exchange rates changing fast this is as much of a gamble as wearing gold or putting your money in the bank.

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