Predictive Search With Google Instant

Predictive Search With Google Instant

The company unveils a new offering that could change the way users find brands online.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 8 september 2010

Putting to rest the speculations and theories surrounding what was behind the Google Doodle of the past couple of days, the search giant today announced Google Instant – more intelligent, predictive and immediate search, with fewer clicks.

A demo featuring a Bob Dylan track embodies the advantages of Google Instant – faster search, more intuitive suggestions and contextual findings among them.

The implications for other search providers are significant, as they are for search marketing overall. How will this affect the way that individuals find brands, for instance, and how quickly they show up in each search? A quick bit of research by Jeff Jarvis and AdAge found which brands first turned up upon entering each letter of the alphabet, with the results being interesting, to say the least. Yet to be determined is how/if these will differ by geography.

  • A = AOL
  • B = Bank of America
  • C = Craigslist
  • D = dictionary
  • E = eBay
  • F = Facebook
  • G = Google
  • H = Hotmail
  • I = Ikea
  • J = Jet Blue
  • K = Kmart
  • L = LIRR (Long Island Railroad)
  • M = Mapquest
  • N = Netflix
  • O = Orbitz
  • P = Pandora
  • Q = Quotes
  • R = realtor
  • S = Staples
  • T = Target
  • U = UPS
  • V = Verizon
  • W = weather (with Walmart as second)
  • X = Xbox
  • Y = Yahoo
  • Z = Z100 (a radio station in New York)

Finally, one can’t help but also observe the power and influence that Google Doodle has for the company – in launching its products, in maintaining cultural relevance across countries and regions, and in creating conversation among the millions that visit Google daily. Will Google Doodle ultimately become ad space for brands looking to make their own announcements?

Google Instant is not yet available on mobile, but will be.

Google Instant

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