Range Rover’s Evoque: A New Compact City Model

Range Rover’s Evoque: A New Compact City Model

In anticipation of the launch of the brand's first compact model, Timothy Saccenti uses light to capture the brand's new, smaller model for urban dwellers.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 14 september 2010

In anticipation of Range Rover’s upcoming new model launch, Timothy Saccenti has produced some amazing images that capture the idea behind the new Range Rover Evoque – the brand’s first compact city car designed with the urban driver in mind. The Evoque is a smaller, lighter and greener model ideal for those living in cities with different space, traffic and lifestyle needs than those in more spacious locales (i.e., the ‘burbs). The Evoque positions the brand in the center of a modern, connected, and urban world.

Saccenti describes how he took inspiration from the concept behind the model:

Taking inspiration from the blurs of light one experiences speeding through the city at night, I used a multitude of various lighting sources and painted the car with these lights. I wanted to create and atmosphere of abstract energy for the car, rather than a literal description of it. For this project we brought in diffraction grating, a material, which splits up light and spreads it in different directions. We were using it to create a prismatic effect to some of our lighting passes, which helped to add depth. We used various wave lengths of light including near-ultraviolet.  The exposures were long, up to five minutes. We were moving light through time and space to sculpt the feeling of movement and energy.  The lines of the body of the car were beautiful and fluid and took to this technique well.

The Evoque campaign offers an example of how brands can partner with members of the Global creative community in order to facilitate the brand acting and feeling ‘smaller’ – and to create ideas and activations that embody the benefits that a new brand proposition and product are meant to deliver to customers.

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