Robot Generated Toilet Symbols

Robot Generated Toilet Symbols
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A robotic drawing machines creates new signage based on lavatory occupants.

Stephen Fortune
  • 27 september 2010

We like robotic drawing machines of various persuasions at PSFK, so we were happy to hear that media artists Nanda Khaorapapong and Patrick Tresset have handed lavatory signifying responsibilities to their robotic caricature creating contraption, as part of the Devices Unleashed Exhibition at London’s Watermans Art Centre.

A robotic arm works in tandem with digital imaging software that refashions the ladies and gents toilet symbols based on image captures of the occupants physique. Each symbol is crafted in a punk graffiti fashion, a far cry from Harold Cohens 1974 portraiture computer ‘Aaron’, and is unique to the last user to avail of the facilities. The symbol is designed anew every time somebody new enters the facilities and a record of the digital doodles are kept on this blog.

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