Street Furniture As Sustainability Intervention

Street Furniture As Sustainability Intervention

Danish designer displays how objects can offer moments of socio-political inquiry.

Lisa Baldini
  • 30 september 2010

When we think about sustainability, socio-political interventions do not necessarily come to mind. However, at the time of the global climate summit in Copenhagen, many Danish designers were looking for how their ideas could intervene in the political process. Enter Sofie Alexandrine Kjaergaard‘s Speaker’s Chair.

Designed as both a chair and pedestal, the dual role of this object aimed at igniting conversation during public assemblies:

Created during her studies at the Danish architecture school in Aarhus, the Speaker’s Chair was designed to generate dialogue during the climate summit held in Copenhagen last year.

Placed in the streets the ‘chair’ functions as both a pedestal on which to stand and a seat for informal conversation. In this way it provides a prop for anyone wishing to share their point of view with a crowd or get into a more intimate discussion on environmental issues.

In this case, the chair reconfigures the role of social dialogue during these global summits. In a populist move, Kjaergaard street furniture takes debate from the hands of the elite to a wider audience.

The Speaker’s Chair was on display at the Danish Design Center’s SHOWHOW in the London Design Festival.

Sofie Alexandrine Kjaergaard

+London Design Festival

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