The Expansion Of Higher Education Institutions

The Expansion Of Higher Education Institutions

As educational institutions move overseas, a number of challenges await them.

Francisco Hui
  • 15 september 2010

A recent article by Newsweek criticizes US universities for expanding into overseas campuses in other countries. The cost of their ambitions forces them to neglect resources that could be spent at home.

Examples of schools include: Carnegie Mellon in Qatar, University of Nevada in Singapore, and Florida State in Panama.

The ability to have a more international presence benefits the school’s image, though the startup cost of investing in facilities and attracting faculty and students remain high. The article also questions the ability for schools to control quality of a degree earned at US campuses versus those abroad.

It’s interesting to see how universities will affect higher education efforts as schools look to expand and students around the world seek prestigious degrees.

Newsweek:”The Trouble with Going Global”

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