A Roman Coppola-directed video features Jason Schwartzman demonstrating the magazine's new digital version.

The New Yorker is the latest media property to publish their content to iPad owners via a subscription-based model. In order to demonstrate the application’s interface and functionality, the magazine commissioned director Roman Coppola and actor/musician Jason Schwartzman to demonstrate the application in a characteristically quirky and humorous video. Not surprisingly, the humor is in the details of the video.

Perhaps more notably, this latest digital venture for The New Yorker (which has been offering digital content for 9 years) provides the most material at the most advanced stage of digital speed and capacity for the publication. It offers all content from the print edition and more: extra cartoons, photographs, videos, and audio of writers and poets reading their work. The inaugural tablet issue features an animated version of David Hockney’s cover, which was drawn on an iPad.

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