Tongues Delicatessen: Fresh Meats And Beats

Tongues Delicatessen: Fresh Meats And Beats
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A deli owner and dj create an unexpected and unique retail shop in Vienna.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 14 september 2010

Vienna Austria may be home to the worlds most unique deli. Tongues is half rustic delicatessen and half curated record store. The owners Peter and his wife Gabriele Fehringer and Christopher Schweiger decided to combine their passions of locally sourced food with their love of electronic music together into a unique retail store. The deli side features artisan meats and cheeses and freshly prepared meals from local ingredients. The music shop is stocked with a high-quality selection of electronic music with an emphasis on Chicago house and Detroit techno.

Originally both shops started out as separate ventures but after the Fehringers, who ran the deli got to know DJ and music store owner Christopher Schweiger became friends, the spaces were combined.




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