Traffic Enforcement Meets Journalism

Traffic Enforcement Meets Journalism

Traffic agent brings his passion for photography to the streets

Mauricio Soares
  • 16 september 2010


Car accident - São Paulo

Oslaim Brito has been a traffic enforcement agent for 17 years, working on the streets of São Paulo. His activity contributed to his expertise of the city’s shortcuts – and gave him access to first-hand information on various accidents and media events.

Oslaim Brito

Taking advantage of this privileged situation, Oslaim decided to transform his passion for photography into a second job: photo-journalism, specializing in traffic accidents. Everyday, when he takes off his uniform, he grabs his camera, his two-way radio and heads out on his motorcycle chasing news.

Oslaim Brito

His initiative is so successful that today Oslaim is one of the most well-known freelance professionals in his segment, inspiring both his son and his daughter to follow his steps. The whole family has done jobs for the foremost media channels in Brazil, including TV, magazines and newspapers. They maintain a website called Trânsito ao Vivo (Live Traffic), where the visitor can find a large resource of photos categorized by subject (rescues, accidents, fire, traffic jams and floods), as well as links to Oslaim’s Twitter, Flickr and Youtube pages.

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