The retailer's UK campaign allows customers to influence the final price of a product.

A current campaign by retailer Uniqlo encourages site visitors to Tweet about featured items they’re interested in – in turn, the price of the product will be reduced. The promotional site features about 10 items, along with the price and by how much it has been discounted thus far. A special price will be announced on September 9th for redemption and purchase on Uniqlo’s UK website (which currently only ships within the UK).

We’ve previously discussed some of Uniqlo’s digital marketing and creative messaging tactics. This latest promotion relies on customers – and social media – to increase awareness of the retailer’s merchandise, in exchange for a reduced price; perhaps trading reach (and volume) for a price cut (and a bit of profit). Perhaps more interestingly, it also allows customers to influence the final price of a product, which is pretty unique for the retail category.

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