Update: Conflict Kitchen Turns To Crowdfunding

Update: Conflict Kitchen Turns To Crowdfunding

A Pittsburgh-based restaurant seeks online micropatronage support to crowdfund and sustain their barrier-breaking efforts.

Yofred Moik
  • 13 september 2010

Confict Kitchen is a Pittsburgh-based restaurant that aims to raise awareness of foreign affairs by only serving cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The restaurant plans to outfit the store facade every four month to highlight the cuisine from a different foreign country. The diversity-promoting venue is undergoing its first iteration – the restaurant currently prepares and serves Kubideh of Iranian origin.

Using crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Conflict Kitchen hopes to sustain its ongoing altruistic effort. Like crowdsourcing, crowdfunding is emerging as a viable method of efficiently accumulating enough contributions to support artistic, non-profit, and creative ventures.  Through harnessing the collective consciousness of online supporters, Kubideh Kitchen hopes to aggregate enough micro-payments to host more discussions about the global political climate.

While donors can choose the amount to give, Kickstarter only conditionally withdraws the pledged funds if the crowdfunding goal is reached.  The peace-promoting restaurant plans to arrange Skype dinner dates with folks in Tehran for larger donors.  With support from micropatronages, Kubideh Kitchen strives to dissolve the cultural and political barriers evident in US-global affairs.

Kubideh Kitchen

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