(Video) Innovations In The Written Word

(Video) Innovations In The Written Word

IDEO introduces their vision for the future of the book, by developing an immersive reading experience that transcends the written word.

Kyana Gordon
  • 22 september 2010

How do we make sure we’re adequately informed in the digital age? This is the question IDEO answers in their vision for the future of the book. What’s revealed in their idea, is a reading experience built on trust, community discussion, insight, and interaction, paving way for innovations that leaps far beyond the written page.

Meet, Nelson, Coupland, and Alice.

Nelson gives readers the tools they need to form opinions on important topics. Discover writing based on the impact they’ve had on popular discourse, with a series of layers that provide additional context to any reading material. View online discussions, reliability of sources, and tap into what’s currently being said in the media and how the discussion has evolved.


How can we help each keep up with what’s truly worth knowing? Enter, Coupland, who helps you stay on top of what’s currently going on in your field by determining key reading materials based on your professional network. Get an overview of your colleagues recommended books. Start book clubs, join discussions or create reading lists based on particular departments, topics, projects.

How do we experience written narratives in new and engaging ways? Say hello to Alice, who immerses the reader in an interactive storytelling experience. Stories unravel and are activated by a reader’s participation. By blurring the lines between reality and fiction, the reader directs plot twists and communicates with characters to co-develop stories.

Watch IDEO’s video presentation below:

IDEO’s The Future Of The Book

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