(Video) Reptile-Inspired Headphones Move With The Mood

(Video) Reptile-Inspired Headphones Move With The Mood
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Memory metal mirrors the body language of the animal kingdom for a new music listening experience.

Stephen Fortune
  • 28 september 2010

We’re always keeping our eyes open to innovative headphone designs and so we couldn’t ignore a very innovative set of headphones designed by Dutch designer Jop Japenga. Japenga has fabricated a prototype set of headphones, named Squamata, which mirrors the mood of the music being played by moving a set of external spines and scales. Japenga has worked with a memory metal alloy in an attempt to convey the inner atmosphere of the music one experiences when listening to music via headphones rather than matching the external movements beat by beat to the track currently playing in an effort to get close to what the artist describes as mood visualisation.

Watch a demo below:

Squamata from Jop Japenga on Vimeo.

Jop Japenga

[via Nextnature]

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