(Video) The Penwald Drawings: Exploring Symmetry And Biomechanics

(Video) The Penwald Drawings: Exploring Symmetry And Biomechanics
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An artist uses his body to create some incredible designs on paper.

Naresh Kumar
  • 7 september 2010

Tony Orrico is a visual artist who performed the exceptional feat of drawing symmetrical circles on a giant canvas by moving his torso and arms. He drew a total of 8 circles, each with 4 patterns of 31.25 efforts each, for a total of 1,000 efforts.

Orrico’s blog says this about his Penwald Drawings, as the performance is called:

Within his Penwald Drawings, he develops studio copies of his discoveries and then shares performed versions of these works with live audiences. He refers to the visual artifacts of these drawings as the final condition of his performed processes. This series considers explorations of symmetry and biomechanics along side themes of measurement, pathway, gravity, energy, chaos, efficiency, endurance, limitation, repetition and isolation.

Watch him perform the graphite drawing below:

Tony Orrico

[via Book of Joe]


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