(Video) When Sensors Become A Dance Partner

(Video) When Sensors Become A Dance Partner
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Adaptive Bloom moves the stage set from environmental ambiance to participant.

Lisa Baldini
  • 22 september 2010

Adaptive Bloom is a physical computing project that aims to enact a system whereby the stage set operates as a dance partner:

Adaptive Bloom, by Justin Goodyer, is a responsive screen speculatively proposed as a stage set for a dance performance in which the screen is the third partner in the choreography, it responds to the dancers and vice-versa. The screen consists of a pixel grid of blooming, mechanical flowers developed through the manufacture of a series of laser sintered prototypes.

The environment as a third character/operator is not new to the arts; it often figures greatly in many films, but as sensors and coding become more fine tuned, their ability to respond in kind and improv in multi-faceted ways takes interaction from one -trick  pony to something that is almost human.

Below is video demonstration from its exhibition at the Bartlett School of Architecture:

Adaptive Bloom,

[Via: We Make Money Not Art]

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