The Chief Creative Consultant at Wakpot talks about the cultivation of creative talent in the conservative country of Kuwait.

Wakim Zeidan, a Chief Creative Consultant at Wakpot, has achieved more success than the average creative. In this interview, he talks to us about Nuqat, a foundation geared towards raising the bar for creative talent in Kuwait. The event, scheduled for October 26th, organized by Raw Design and Way Communication in coordination with Wakpot, brings in notable talent including the Iranian designer Reza Abedini and many others.

What are you working on right now? We are currently in the process of building a community of creatives in the arab world through our annual event Nuqat Al Huroof. This year, Nuqat (as we have shortened the name), would be our second edition focusing on “Visual Pollution In the Arab World”. You can visit our website or find us on Facebook. What are the primary objectives/goals of Nuqat? How was the idea born? The objective of the event is to create a community that will improve creativity in the Arab world through learning, observing, participating and by introducing creative individuals to each other. The idea was born out of a massive heart ache on one of my trips to the Cannes Lions Awards when I realized how far behind we still are in our creative processes, and the fact that we are trying to catch up with the west will never work nor happen. Due to that I believe we need to create our planet, cultivate our own way of thinking, and the only way for this to happen as I have learned and observed is through passion and interaction. Tell us about your upcoming workshop in Kuwait. Why are you tackling Visual Pollution as a theme? Well, actually, we will be having more than 6 workshops and 6 lectures in a period of 3 days, aside a 2 days workshop for University students where we shall be conducting a live competition for them under the theme of Visual Pollution Awareness. We believe (and by we, I mean the whole Nuqat team), that Visual Pollution is a major downgrade in our society. Anything you see affects the way you think, the way you behave, the way you choose… and it all gets embedded in your mind. What is a trend that makes you optimistic about the future?

I feel very lucky in seeing so many creative-thirsty Arabs who are willing to participate and push the limits; and every member of the Nuqat foundation should feel lucky too. The team is full of young passionate and willing Kuwaitis, and this fills me with optimism towards the future.

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