Will Apple’s Ping Lead The Future Of Social Commerce?

Will Apple’s Ping Lead The Future Of Social Commerce?

Apple's new service could shape the future of online shopping, says Gigaom founder.

Naresh Kumar
  • 3 september 2010

Earlier this week, we wrote about the launch of Apple’s new music-only social network, Ping. Being an Apple product, it generated quite a buzz in the tech sphere, including at Gigaom, where its founder Om Malik shared his views and predictions about Ping’s potential impact on online retail.

Malik believes that by allowing iTunes customers to follow their favorite artists and friends and view their favorite music, effectively creating a social discovery engine around its online store, Ping could very well shape the future of social sharing and commerce.

From Gigaom:

[Ping] can tell me who my friends think are cool and the top 10 favorites of people in my social graph. Some of my friends are famous deejays. Others just have eclectic musical tastes. They can collectively sift through over 10 million songs and help with the discovery of music. This social-powered discovery is part of the biggest theme of our times: serendipity.

Now Apple is only closing the loop by further sharing what users bought. I wouldn’t be least bit surprised if sales of music on the iTunes store rocket upwards, thanks to social discovery.


Gigaom: “Why Ping Is the Future of Social Commerce”

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