In Brief

The Dragonfly.MGX was inspired by the curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes.

For their latest lighting design, Dragonfly.MGX, WertelOberfell-Platform were inspired by the curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes.Their lamps are produced using 3D printing. Their press release says about the structure:

Designed with a focus on functionality and a consideration for direct and indirect light, the Dragonfly.MGX is closed on the upper cells and gradually opens towards the bottom, thus shielding our eyes from glare and letting more light pass through.

Manufactured using a variety of 3D printing methods, the .MGX Collection 2010 combines modern and traditional craftsmanship. Their 3D technologies allow for the production of shapes that would otherwise be difficult to realize. Whether formed out of epoxy or polyamide, each piece is individually drawn and created by laser beam, and carefully finished by hand.

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