Part two in a series, featuring insights and implications about the generation born between 1980 and 1995 from Edelman 8095.

This post is written by Vincent Lee, Manager for Edelman Beijing, Millennial and part of the Edelman 8095 global liaison network.

As Christina mentioned in her introductory post on our Edelman 8095 study, our Edelman and StrategyOne team found that globally, brands are a form of self expression for most Millennials. In fact, brand preference is the number one identifier that they’re willing to share online, according to our study. Not only is it their top identifier, we found that Millennials are overwhelmingly brand loyal and expect brands to play an important role in their lives- to help them learn about new trends, achieve their personal goals and will likely switch brands if those brands help them in other areas of their lives. Below are some of the findings that I found interesting from our study and particularly as a Millennial living in China.

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