Part three in a series, featuring insights and implications about the generation born between 1980 and 1995 from Edelman 8095.

This post is written by Amanda Mooney, Account Supervisor, Strategy, for Edelman Digital in Chicago, Millennial and co-lead for Edelman 8095.

According to a recent Kaiser Foundation study, teens today grow up spending 7.5 hours per day creating and consuming media and, according to Mintel, that average jumps to more than 13 hours per day for 25-30 year olds. The average person in my generation now spends more time creating and consuming media than most of our parents spend in their fulltime jobs. Consider the adage that it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft and we can “master” media and communications in a matter of a few years. We reach for our laptops in the middle of the night, for our mobile first thing when we wake up in the morning and we’re constantly seeking out second, third, fourth, fifth opinions on everything from life decisions to the most basic, everyday purchase decisions. In fact, 75% of global Millennials in our study said that they are never disconnected for more than an hour a day and one in seven Indian Millennials said that at no point are they disconnected during the course of their day. To assume that one ad, on one broadcast medium is enough to influence us, is ludicrous these days. We are subjected to such a massive flow of information and each piece of information, from every source, has the power to shape or entirely shift our perception of a brand or product.

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