Part four in a series, featuring insights and implications about the generation born between 1980 and 1995 from Edelman 8095.

This post is written by Arathi Menon, Senior Account Executive for Edelman in Bangalore, Millennial and part of the Edelman 8095 global liaison network.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Sushmita, a 26-year-old working professional here in Bangalore. When I asked her how she defines “a brand,” she said, “A good brand is one that reads my mind- one that talks to me personally, caters to my likes and dislikes. A bad brand is here today, gone tomorrow.” When I asked her what advice she would share with companies who want to reach her and her friends, she said, “If you’re as good as you claim, we will buy your brand. You don’t have to bend over backwards trying to sell it.” Taking this a bit further, a Millennial in the States told us, “Focus on making an excellent product. If you do so then all of your marketing will be true… and most of the marketing will be done by us.”

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