The Never Ending Language Learner, built by Carnegie Mellon University, has the ability to acquire knowledge from the web.

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a computer that has the ability to learn and acquire knowledge from the Internet, just like we humans do. NELL (Never Ending Language Learner) has so far learned over 440,000 separate things from the web with an accuracy rate of 74% and the scientists behind it say that it is getting better every day.

Oxford University Press (OUP) explains how NELL goes about learning things:

NELL’s programmers seeded it with some facts and relations so that it had something to start with, then set it loose on the internet to look for more. NELL sorts what it finds into categories like mountains, scientists, writers, reptiles, universities, web sites, or sports teams, and relations like “teamPlaysSport, bookWriter, companyProducesProduct.”

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